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Global Wide Maintenance

Global Wide Maintenance provides guided improvements in several common maintenance operations areas:  Maintenance Planning and Scheduling / Asset Care Strategies / Materials Management.  To complement any of these areas, a Maintenance Productivity and KPI layer can be applied for helping to roll out operations improvements across departments related to Maintenance, as well as to use KPI’s for ongoing measurement of any improvement initiative across the business as related to maintenance operations.  Visit

MP2 Training

Accelerate your maintenance success using MP2 with help from our expert MP2 consultant training professionals.  Our MP2 training is hands-on and tailored to your specific business.  We teach your team, by role, how to make MP2 work to it’s fullest potential for your specific maintenance operations. Our pricing is the most competitive you will find, and our clients stay with us for life as we help them grow in more ways beyond the MP2 software.Read More