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MP2 Users – LinkedIn

Connect with other EAM MP2 users and share your issues with the group, provide solutions to others, and benefit from a free resource for MP2 support. A community for users, administrators and professionals who wish to share knowledge regarding Infor EAM MP2 computerized maintenance management software systems and related tools and topics.  Formerly known as Datastream MP2, this is one of the original CMMS systems on the market with thousands of users worldwide. The past,Read More

Infor EAM Users – on Yahoo

For Infor EAM users (formerly called “Infor D7i Users”) .  A great user-support resource!  Share challenges / technical questions with other Infor EAM users and specialists.  Get community support for specific issues or questions with the Infor EAM platform.  We also welcome MP2 users to join in the fun!