Critical Equipment Failures:Get Workplace Disasters Under Control Before They Happen

Maintenance issues can get pricy, especially when a mission critical piece of equipment goes down. It’s only sensible that companies would constantly be working to better their maintenance management system. After all, DuPont reported in the mid-nineties that “the largest, single controllable expenditure in a plant is maintenance, and in many plants the maintenance budget exceeds annual net profit.” A budget that spirals out of control is unacceptable, and that’s why we’ve worked so hard to help companies get their maintenance systems under control for years now.

At many organizations, the individuals who work in facility maintenance routinely have to operate in fire-fighting mode. They are constantly running around dealing with prioritized emergencies that must be dealt with in a hurry. The result is that they are left with virtually no free time with which to work on preventative maintenance. That’s no way to run things, but many managers and professionals are stuck in a never-ending cycle and it seems as though there is nothing they can do to break out of the rut and make time to prevent future disasters from occurring.

What they need is a streamlined maintenance management system — one that tracks all happenings relating to their firm’s facilities. The software we offer here at Maintenance Connection is designed to ease the flow of day-to-day management and keep you prepared for those inevitable emergencies that always seem to crop up at the worst time. Our professional maintenance management system will set you up with the tools you need to seemingly be everywhere at once and keep business running as usual. Forget about stomping out fires every time you turn around, and focus on preventing them from ever happening.

Listen, things are going to wrong on occasion and we know that; but it disaster recovery need not be a part of your everyday routine. Put our system into place and get back to being proactive.