Does Weather Affect Your Assets?

Energy Star logo Watching the news about the recent storms in the Midwest and Northeast got me thinking about the impact weather has on our lives and our surroundings. We all know that preparing for weather events is critical, but many times you just want to get through the event, not optimally sustain your environment. Yet sometimes you take overkill measures to avoid the most extreme dangers, such as stocking up food for a month as a blizzard approaches or building a bomb shelter to protect you against a hurricane. Seems a little excessive, right?

Do you use that same approach to your operations? Do you truly understand the impact of weather on your operations and the efficiency of your equipment? What maintenance practices can you employ to better sustain your equipment and its efficient operation through changing weather conditions and ensure that it gives you optimal availability, capacity, and quality? 

There are ways you can make it through tough seasons—and even thrive during these times. You can monitor how changes in weather affect your assets and incorporate those attribute measurements into your asset management strategy. Did you know with Infor EAM Asset Sustainability, you get embedded integration with the EPA’s Energy Star portal? It incorporates degree days into asset performance analysis to give you the insight and knowledge into how to maximize your operational efficiency, even when environmental conditions are not perfect.

How do you factor weather into your energy and asset management strategy? Leave a comment to this post with your thoughts and ideas.

Posted by Jay Ratliff, Manager, NA Business Solutions Consulting, Infor EAM and Public Sector