EAM and GIS: Connecting the dots


The role of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has changed profoundly—from basic mapping applications to becoming an integral part of enterprise decision making. Why? Because these systems have evolved to the point where they can be combined with other data to help identify patterns—where customers are buying, where your organization is spending, where waste is occurring, how to deploy personnel, where coverage areas exist, and how to prioritize issues.

An enterprise asset management (EAM) system combined with GIS greatly improves maintenance efficiency by helping you easily identify and pinpoint widely dispersed assets for preventive maintenance and regular inspections, and by consolidating field work assignments based on job groupings in a selected geographic area. The ability to access assets right on a map–creating work orders and viewing asset history from the map objects—is a real time saver, and provides a big-picture view of emerging patterns.

Discover how Infor EAM enables your customer service representatives, field service planners, schedulers, and field technicians to quickly and efficiently find information, keep better records, create work orders, plan routes, and address issues.

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