Enterprise IT Asset Management – Managing Your IT Assets

Enterprise IT Asset Management – Managing Your IT Assets

9 July, 2012

By effectively managing the life cycle of an organization’s IT assets, the IT manager has significant influence to improve an organization’s overall performance, reduce costs, improve effectiveness, and improve and demonstrate the IT department’s ROI. Managing an Enterprise’s IT assets is essential for an organization’s competitiveness today. Deploying an IT Asset Management system will help avoid failures and quickly identify wasted IT resources and other inefficiencies.

Corporations, small business, government agencies or educational institutions, all require a comprehensive solution for managing computer and software assets, controlling expenses, and automating license compliance. Enterprises require an end-to-end solution that is capable of:

  • Inventory IT assets, including computers, software, servers and laptops that connect to your network.
  • Get Instant IT visibility: View updated configuration and physical location of each computer, server or laptop. View over 200 different hardware properties and know which software titles are installed on each computer.
  • Search every IT asset by various asset properties such as CPU, operating system, by vendor and many more. Then export the data to CSV, PDF or HTML files directly from each view, giving you an easy way to export your data from the service and create useful reports.
  • Once you gain visibility into your IT Assets and you know which assets you have you can ensure that you are meeting your IT compliance requirements. These requirements might be validating software license compliance (having sufficient software licenses for all the software used by your company) or auditing your IT Assets and network.

IT Asset Management services allows you to make sure that your organization has the ability to manage their IT assets throughout their life-cycle.

SAManage is a leading provider of SaaS IT Management services, helping organizations effectively manage IT Assets such as computers, software, contract and software licenses, and detect potential IT risks or license compliance gaps. Delivered over the internet as an on-demand service, SAManage can be easily deployed across multiple locations within minutes and provide visibility into complex IT infrastructures to ensure optimized IT asset utilization.

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Author: Doron Gordon
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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