GPS Asset Tracking Solutions For Enterprise Asset Management

Business owners can now use latest GPS innovations and GPS monitoring systems to help keep track of their enterprise assets. GPS (Global Positioning System) originally developed for military applications became available for civilian navigational use since the year 1995. GPS can track all types of movable assets and equipment that are worth tracking, including vehicles like cars, trucks, jeeps, etc. Valuable equipment can be tracked anywhere in the world to locate presence and track movements.

A geo-stationary satellite can easily track vehicles equipped with GPS receivers. Business owners can use self-hosted GPS asset tracking solutions or third-party hosted GPS asset tracking solutions to keep a tab on their movable assets and machinery. There is no other usage fees involved in using the GPS technology except for the cost of GPS receivers and the cost of software installation or software rental fee.

The Mining industry with mining equipment scattered across hundreds of square miles will especially immensely benefit by the deployment of GPS based asset tracking solutions. The positions of inventory can be easily tracked and monitored for mining operations. Another use for GPS enterprise asset tracking is in the shipping and delivery industry where packages earmarked for delivery need to be tracked while the truck or vehicle that carries them is in movement. Customers would be able to get a better idea of where and when their packages are at any given point in time.

Taxi/limousine services can also be able to deploy the GPS asset tracking feature in order to deter theft and personal use of vehicles by chauffeurs. GPS receivers help business owners save time, money and effort. Regardless of the size and extent of a company or business, GPS solutions can provide peace of mind, safety and security and comfort in knowing that your assets are being tracked and information is available at your finger tips wherever they are at the moment.

GPS tracking software for an enterprise can be purchased like software as a service model (SaaS) by paying periodical fee for hosted software usage to a third party. Or the full solution can be purchased and implemented in-house.

Position Logic is a GPS asset tracking solution provider headquartered in Naples, Florida. Position Logic provides GPS fleet management solutions and GPS vehicle tracking and security tracking, stolen vehicle recovery, automatic vehicle locator, etc..

Author: L. Mohan Arun
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