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CMMS Advice is a blog dedicated to centralizing information for folks interested in learning more about CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software), or on a larger scale EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) Software. The format of this blog will be a free-form mixture of opinions, articles and whitepapers with CMMS or EAM as the central common thread. This blog is being powered and funded by Software Net ( www.software-directory.net ) and specifically the CMMS category, also represented on the web by the CMMS Resource Center ( www.cmms-directory.com ), the original CMMS internet directory (www.cmmsglobal.com) and the latest CMMS informational portal for “All Things EAM / CMMS” ( www.eamuniversity.com ).  Please send suggestions for future expansion areas. We are cooking up some ideas of our own !


  • Current CMMS / EAM partners at Software Net will be receiving a communication shortly regarding this blog and opportunities to post relevant CMMS materials. Items such as whitepapers, CMMS advice with examples, opinions, special opportunities, all will be welcome for publication to enrich the value of the value provided by http://www.cmms-directory.com

  • Ideally speaking Facilities Management is the most inevitable department for any organization irrespective of the size to run its operations non-stop.

    CMMS is “THE” tool that will come handy for all facility managers and their team to manage their facilities and maintain their assets effectively.

    A forum like this is very important to spread the awareness regarding the use of a tool like CMMS across geographies.

    Indeed a good initiative!!

    Warm Regards,

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