Inventory and Asset Management Software – Asset Tracking Strategies With Proven ROI

Inventory and Asset Management Software – Asset Tracking Strategies With Proven ROI

1 December, 2011

Asset inventory management software solutions reduce the time and cost of tracking and managing all types of asset inventory such as distributed IT and data center assets. By fully automating the asset tracking process, we eliminate the high cost of manual tracking, while providing 100% accurate, up-to-the-minute, on-demand information regarding what assets you have, where the assets are located and when the assets move. This helps to eliminate the ongoing need to take inventory because now you have inventory. The asset inventory management software provides you with extremely accurate, real-time, on demand and vital inventory information.

A company is certain to achieve ROI using real-time asset inventory management software. Due to the fact that the productivity of any enterprise is perpetually tied to how well its key physical assets are being managed. Being knowledgable and aware of inventory is available, where it is at any point in time and what its’ operative position is, are all discerning diagnostic elements that have weight on the bottom-line.

Currently many enterprises have difficulties when it comes to effectively tracking their assets. This is often due to the fact that much of the data regarding assets is piled in databases and spreadsheets where it goes without updates for long periods of time. Using such methods takes a lot of man power to update and track, while also leaving a lot of room for error. When the data isn’t current, the assets are difficult to track. This causes a huge loss in time and energy that could be used for productivity.

Often money is spent unnecessarily for assets that the company already has, but cannot locate when needed. It is vital for any enterprise to be able to account for assets at a moments notice. An asset management network automates the laborious job of tracking inventory with high-tech radio frequency identification (RFID) sensors, tags, readers and software. These systems are high-tech but with the evolution of technology, very affordable. When you consider the elimination of error, and the end for the need of excess manpower to track and inventory assets then the ROI is a highly desired and marketable advantage for any industry that want to run more efficiently and see higher profits.

The goal of asset status tracking is to give enterprises the ability to view the real-time status of all critical assets and their impact on associated business processes from anywhere. Today up-to-date mobile-asset tracking by aggregating information about an asset’s location and status are collected from RFID tags, sensors and other data sources. Asset inventory management software collects and correlates information about your critical data graphically so you can track the state of your assets and how they impact your business as changes occur.

Asset inventory management software is intuitive and dynamic in design. The software platform includes key features such as:

– Up-to-date centralized view of your company’s assets RFID
– Track and trace functionality
– Correlating asset data from repositories
– Customizable and controlled RFID tags
– Sensor and software asset history
– Leverage your existing enterprise investments
– Workflow and performance alerts
– Correlates data entering the system to generate activity

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Author: Jerry Wilks
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