ISO 50001: Are You Ready for the New Energy Management Standard?

You already know about ISO standards—the standards that many companies try to meet in order to improve their business, quality, and service. Later this year, ISO will publish a new global standard for energy management: ISO 50001.

ISO 50001 will establish a framework for industrial plants, commercial facilities, and utilities to manage energy. In fact, it’s estimated that the ISO 50001 standard may influence over 60% of all energy produced and consumed in the world. The objective of ISO 50001 is to help organizations, large or small, improve their energy performance, increase energy efficiency, and reduce the environmental impact related to energy consumption.

The ISO 50001 standard is based on two fundamental premises:

  • To manage, you need to measure.
  • A sustainable business requires adopting four Total Quality Management principles: Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA).

Attaining ISO 50001 certification requires management commitment, accountability, responsibility, and the business systems and processes (including the enabling technology) to achieve the intended level of energy performance. Ultimately, the goal is to optimize energy performance through behavioral change, process and control management, demand management, and design change management.

Want to learn more? View this on-demand webinar. I’d be interested in your feedback. Is your company looking at adopting ISO 50001 standard?

Posted by Rod Ellsworth, Vice President of Global Asset Sustainability, Infor