Maintenance as a Cost Center?

For the past 15 years, I’ve been living and breathing maintenance in a variety of management, consulting, and sales roles. I’ve certainly witnessed the evolution of technology throughout the years; however, there are some things that have remained the same.

What hasn’t changed? The way executives view their maintenance department, which can oftentimes be as a cost center. It seems the only time maintenance gets noticed is when a piece of equipment is down and production stops.

For those of you not in maintenance, consider this about your maintenance department and staff. If an organization lacks a proper maintenance software system, good procedures and practices, and knowledgeable technical staff to maintain the equipment, your assets’ health won’t get the attention it needs to operate efficiently. This lack of attention will ultimately lead to your equipment breaking down more often.

By investing in software, procedures, and technical staff, you can transition your maintenance operations from a reactive approach to a predictive or proactive approach. Your assets will cost less to operate and their failure rate will drop. The attitude toward maintenance will change, and you’ll see significant savings in productivity, inventory, and contract labor. 

If you can reduce your corporate operating costs by switching to a predictive approach to maintenance and add those bottom-line savings back to your net income, then perhaps maintenance can be viewed as more than a cost center.

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Posted by Johnny Bofilios, Director, Global Asset Sustainability, Infor