Maintenance Resolutions for the New Year

As 2015 quickly approaches, you may have to peddle faster to squeeze out your maintenance goals in time for the new year. Perhaps 2015 is the year you finally change the perception that maintenance does more than change a light bulb – that maintenance keeps up production and cuts down costs.


Use your remaining time wisely to take stock. Make 2015 the year you widen back and look at the big picture. Do you oversee a maintenance culture that thrives? Are your employees well trained and happily on track with PMs and repairs? Does upper management know that your department helps keep capital costs under control?

If you hesitated on the answers, it may be time to review your plan, fine-tune your maintenance team, and exploit the powers of your CMMS. Start the new year with a consultant to help you fulfill your maintenance dreams and configure your CMMS to support them.

Plans already in place? Get outside help to identify and implement critical 2015 tasks:

  • Prioritize assets by risk associated with production and revenue loss
  • Lower asset maintenance costs — add up maintenance expenditures for each asset in 2014, i.e., frequency of repairs, labor costs, replacement parts costs, downtime, vendor maintenance costs; improve repair efficiencies
  • Increase conversion of asset maintenance tasks into PMs
  • Convert soft tasks into PMs, too: upload all machine schematics and procedures; lease payments, vendor contracts, vehicle drivers’ licenses and registration renewals, etc.
  • PM all safety compliance tasks
  • Cut spare parts inventory costs; use CMMS for inventory control; set up safe levels; reduce order overages

Or take the advice of your maintenance peers who weighed in on our LinkedIn discussion of 2015 goals:

We are taking a look at our 2014 performance and our ‘bad actors,’ making necessary corrections and prioritizing efforts. Our main goal is to lower costs and improve performance.


The goal of maintenance should be reliable asset operation without downtime… which includes optimal spare parts inventory, optimal use of manpower to achieve maintenance safety targets and [here’s one you don’t hear every day, but not one to overlook either] ensure all employees enjoy their work life as well as their personal family life.


Minimize equipment downtime, compared to last year…  Comply with all maintenance plans and schedules.


2015 will be an easier year to resource work, having spent time fixing up maintenance plans and tasks lists to truly reflect the work. This will provide better budgeting and resource understanding going forward. It should also help to increase reliability of our plant due to carrying out the best possible maintenance outcomes. This is our ongoing improvement plan for the next few years.

But most of all, lead your team by example and “play in the mud;” encourage new ideas and have fun. If you hear rumblings of techs wanting to start up an employee baseball team, spring for the bats and mitts. Make 2015 the best year for your department yet!