Managing Hazards With Your CMMS System

Hazardous materials and situations are something that most companies and organizations have to deal with. MicroMain’s software has the tools to help you manage these situations and materials.

MicroMain Facilligence is our 100% web-based CMMS/EAM offering. It is designed for larger entities and organizations with multiple maintenance offices, especially in the public sector. Facilligence contains a Hazard module containing information about the different types of hazards employees may encounter at your facility.

Hazards can include materials posing a threat to human health or the environment, as well as dangerous attributes, such as high voltage or confined spaces. These are carried onto workorders via linked parts or items to satisfy OSHA regulations and keep employees informed.

Facilligence’s comprehensive and integrated hazard management features help keep employees safe and hazards documented.

For more information about Facilligence and how it can help you, contact a MicroMain expert.