Mobile CMMS: The Future Maintenance Team’s BFF

The MicroMain Blog is proud to present another edition of our guest blogger series. We’re reaching out to third party industry experts for their take on the maintenance management industry. In this guest blog, Ashley Halligan, a software analyst at Software Advice, looked at the benefits, challenges and opportunities for a maintenance team having mobile capabilities.

A portion of her blog is republished below, along with a run-down of MicroMain’s capabilities for the mobile CMMS landscape. 

Software Advice

Maintenance management is an around-the-clock challenge. Equipment failure can (and does) happen at inconvenient times–times when maintenance managers may be off-site and must rely on communication from technicians to convey problems and act efficiently.

Mobile computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and applications provide live, synchronized status reports and other key features that can dramatically improve reaction time and efficiency.

Core Functions and Benefits of Mobile CMMS

Paperless Work Order Management: Having the capability to manage work orders on- or off-site alleviates the need to collect and disperse paper work orders in-house. 

Why this is valuable: Managers and technicians can communicate from different locations to update job statuses and verify completion, while existing work orders can be modified from afar when necessary.

Inventory Management: Mobile CMMS systems give managers and technicians instant access to inventory records in the field. 

Why this is valuable: With mobile CMMS, the availability and location of parts and equipment is always current.

Asset Management and QR Codes for Maintenance Tracking: With barcodes and Quick Response (QR) codes affixed to an asset, its entire history–including past maintenance, upcoming maintenance, and malfunction reports–is accessible simply by scanning the code with a mobile device.

Why it’s valuable: While cloud solutions in maintenance management have the capability to store up-to-date and detailed asset records, having the added capability of accessing comprehensive maintenance data in the field is a valuable tool. 

Read the complete article here.

MicroMain’s Solutions

The industry’s evolution from paper-based maintenance management systems to computerized maintenance management systems continues with today’s mobile systems. Like Ashley described, the benefits of accomplishing maintenance on-the-go are immense. MicroMain is on the cutting edge in this realm. 


Our mobile module provides a rich feature set to make your technicians more productive and ensure your maintenance records are accurate and up-to-date. It can also help reduce your paperwork.

Mobile Tagging

MicroMain blazed new trails in the maintenance and asset management world when we developed InfoTag, our mobile tagging module. MicroMain was the first software company to use tag technology for maintenance management. With InfoTag, users can instantly access maintenance information related to a specific asset or equipment.

The technology developed at MicroMain has given life to an entirely new platform called Immediatag, which helps brings mobile tagging to numerous industries. Immediatag is designed to make it easy for organizations to create, publish, and manage mobile content.