Great turnout for the first day at the National Facility Management and Technology Expo (NFMT) Conference. I reunited with colleagues and saw a lot of familiar faces. If you’ve ever attended maintenance shows or joined maintenance organizations, you’ll recognize one person from Joel Leonard. I always enjoy hearing him share his interesting maintenance stories. Being a maintenance professional myself and sharing best practices and some of my own experiences, I find it exciting as well as educational to see and hear what others are doing in this space.

Infor booth at NFMT 2011
We did something unusual this year at our booth. We set up a real-time, live demo of a meter (Shark 100S from Electro Industries) connected to an i.LON SmartServer (by Echelon Corporation) that’s uploading all the energy data from our booth lights, PCs, and monitors to Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition (ASE). As people walk by our booth, not only do they get a glimpse of ASE, but they also see how much energy our booth is consuming.

As usual, green technologies are a hit at conferences like this. Organizations are eager to see what advancements have been made to help them understand, maintain, and lower energy costs in their facilities and operations.

If you’re at the NFMT conference, please come by and see us at booth #1465. We’ll be happy to give you a tour of what Infor has to offer, and you can network with the Infor EAM team.

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Posted by Johnny Bofilios, Director, Global Asset Sustainability, Infor