Outages – Who is playing which role for efficient Maintenance performance during shut down?

Concerned about preparing for an upcoming outage?  The factor that will most likely lead to a schedule overrun is the transition period along the critical path. During these hand offs communication is key. Each individual has a different perspective and making sure the team works together is vital to ensuring minimal time is lost during a shutdown and that everyone adheres to the schedule. Every minute of downtime during an outage is money lost. To ensure success every department should have these roles defined before going into an outage:

Operations Maintenance Coordinator – Maintains outage leadership during transition periods.

Outage Plan Manager –  Sole responsibility is to manage the plan.

Reliability Supervisors – Functional coverage of reliability tasks.

Operations Supervisors – Geographic coverage of all tasks.

Task Leaders – Ensures the task is done professionally and on-time.


By defining key roles and responsibilities, maintenance departments will experience key benefits such as ensuring the plan is well-done and well-executed, improving timeliness of communication, engaging more people effectively, and keeping momentum high throughout the outage.

You can view the entire recording of eMaint’s Best Practices Webinar on Planning and Scheduling for Outages presented by Randy Pound here.