Profiles of Success – City of Orlando

Maintenance Connection periodically solicits feedback from customers, obtaining valuable input regarding their decision to select our software and, more importantly, the factors that led to a successful implementation. We would like to share the responses received from two of our customers, providing insight to the keys to their success. In this week’s blog, we will showcase the City of Orlando, a customer of Maintenance Connection since 2006. Next week, we will look at the responses from Wellmont Health Systems, a leading healthcare provider in the Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Customer: City of Orlando

What system (if any) was in place before Maintenance Connection was implemented?

Prior to selecting Maintenance Connection, we had HyperPM in place, which did not provide us a universal location for tracking work like Maintenance Connection could.

What were your top reasons for choosing Maintenance Connection over other CMMS options?

Besides looking for a CMMS that could provide us with a universal location for tracking our work, we liked Maintenance Connection because:

  • Their software was web based
  • It was also SQL server based
  • And the overall price created the best value for us

Describe the general usage of Maintenance Connection within your organization?

Our primary use focuses around tracking asset cost, tracking replacement dates, and utilizing cost estimates. We have also enjoyed the ability to track labor training, as well as our entire work order history.

How was your experience during implementation, from the initial purchase through “go-live”?

The implementation process was really smooth and surpassed what we were expecting. From the beginning, we partnered with the Maintenance Connection staff and projected how the project would look. They helped demonstrate how everything would look when implementation was finalized, and how all of our needs, and what we wanted to use the software for, were being met.

We then analyzed our data with in-house staff and modified it to ensure our transition would run as efficiently as possible. From there, Maintenance Connection worked with us, input “fake” data to test our modifications, and began cleaning up the data prior to migrating the final system to our on-site server.

Overall, this process went really well and we did not experience any major problems.

Do you have any suggestions for someone just beginning the implementation of CMMS?

The two best pieces of advice we could give, which definitely helped us during our implementation process, would be:

  • Make a strong effort, prior to implementation, to understand the overall business process that the system will be used in.
  • Ensure that any data from previous databases is cleaned-up prior to migration.

All this will make working with the system much easier when the final “go-live” takes place.