Profiles of Success – Wellmont Health System

In this second “Profiles of Success” Blog Post, we will share valuable feedback received from Wellmont Health System, a leading healthcare provider in the Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Wellmont has been a customer of Maintenance Connection since 2007.

Customer: Wellmont Health System

What system (if any) was in place before Maintenance Connection was implemented?

The system we were utilizing prior to implementing Maintenance Connection was a Windows 95, Microsoft Access-based program called “Facilitate.”

What were some of the main business drivers for implementing CMMS?

The main business drivers for changing from “Facilitate” to Maintenance Connection’s CMMS were:

  • Greater operational efficiency
  • The ability to access and query specific documentation regarding service requests and preventative maintenance
  • Our need for a consistent platform to present information to regulatory surveyors
  • Overall cost efficiency

What were your top reasons for choosing Maintenance Connection over other CMMS options?

We chose Maintenance Connection after looking at several different mainstream products. We even debated building our own system in cooperation with a consulting firm.

  • Maintenance Connection successfully paired the versatility and cost-effectiveness that we needed in order to successfully handle our growing system.
  • Their reporting modules provided us the ability to present both comprehensive and discrete facility information at all levels, which was extremely helpful.
  • Its labor and materials costing and charging functions streamlined our ability to provide our services to customers outside of our facilities. This result alone has benefited us tremendously since implementation.

Describe the general usage of Maintenance Connection within your organization?

We are currently running 9 major hospitals, 5 outpatient centers and wards, and nearly 100 billable outside accounts with this system. This CMMS is also managing work orders and PMs for 60 employees. Since January 1, 2008 we have generated approximately 51,000 work orders, which shows how critical this software is to our business’ operations.

In addition to maintenance activities, we are using this software (and its customizable dashboard program) to track the real-time status of our “Joint Commission Environment of Care” project. We recently received 30,000 lines of “Environment of Care” data from this program and successfully integrated it into the Maintenance Connection dashboard. This provides a great example of how great their software is, and how easily everything can be customized.

List a few improvements that your company has experienced as a result of implementing Maintenance Connection’s CMMS?

Since implementing Maintenance Connection’s CMMS, we have noticed:

  • Greater efficiency in generating preventative maintenance work orders.
  • A 50% cut in the time spent generating work orders.
  • A substantial increase in billing accuracy.
  • Charges have increased by 20%.
  • Since implementing this CMMS, we have been able to implement a JIT inventory supply by utilizing Maintenance Connection’s Inventory module. The inventory module has allowed us to utilize consistent pricing across our system.
  • The reporting function from Maintenance Connection has allowed us to successfully track overdue work orders. As a result, our weekly overdue work orders reduced by 75%.
  • This CMMS has also given us the ability to expand by combining our “Joint Commission Environment of Care” Program, which has given us instant access to data that helps us suggest process improvement projects to our leadership.
  • Finally, the online requesting and auto-paging of our dispatchers and technicians has increased our capabilities by reducing the steps involved with creating and issuing a work order from 12 steps down to 5.

How was your experience during implementation, from the initial purchase through “go-live”?

Overall, our implementation and conversion from our old software went very well without any major issues. We began working with Maintenance Connection in November of 2007, discussing how their CMM software could apply directly to our company’s needs. After realizing the capabilities of their CMMS, we decided to install the on-site version and began the process of migrating our old data into this new and more efficient program.

Overall, Maintenance Connection did a fantastic job working with us and meeting our goals. For example, it was critical that everything be accessible through our intranet server and home page. This ultimately proved to be no problem for their staff and support team, as they conveniently came through with what we needed. After this, we then brought on our two largest facilities and had them up and running on the same CMMS in January, 2008.

Since this new addition, our company has been extremely impressed with Maintenance Connection’s superior customer service and overall attention to detail.

Do you have any suggestions for someone just beginning the implementation of CMMS?

The best suggestion we have for anyone implementing Maintenance Connection is to take full advantage of the import capabilities their system offers. The key to success is for your organization to begin coding and cleaning all pre-existing data as early as possible. This will help ensure that the transferred data is user-friendly and easy to use. How clean, well-structured, and overall consistent your import data is presented, the more efficient your transfer between systems will be.