Six Ways to Educate Your CFO on Energy Management Benefits

What person is responsible for managing the costs and communications associated with your company’s energy consumption? Most likely it’s a number of departments: purchasing, responsible for securing energy and initiating tax rebates; HR, which manages internal communications to current and new employees; and investor relations, involved in CO2 emissions disclosers to investors and other external organizations.

It’s also very likely that all of these departments report to your company’s CFO. But a current survey conducted by Groom Energy is finding that most CFOs don’t consider energy management a priority in controlling costs or setting budget. If you’re involved in energy management, this could be a prime opportunity for you to pitch the cost savings and strategic benefits of efficient energy management and sustainability. But where do you start?

Read this article, “Energy Management Not a Priority for Many CFOs” (Paul Baier, Energy Groom on, December 22, 2010) to learn six ways to educate your CFO and bring him/her into the sustainability camp through realizing cost benefits, improved competitiveness, and environmental accountability.

What steps are you taking to justify an energy management program? I’d like to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please leave a comment to this post.

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Rod Ellsworth, Vice President of Global Asset Sustainability, Infor