Swish Every Shot with Maintenance ‘Coaching’

You wouldn’t play professional sports without a coach; so why implement the right CMMS without a consultant?

One Bigfoot CMMS user produces highly sophisticated radar systems for the U.S. Navy that, as you can imagine, requires precision-perfect equipment to build them in a highly-regulated environment. They put on their game face with Bigfoot “coaching,” and have the preventive maintenance (PM) completion rate to prove it.


The U.S. Navy uses a radar system that monitors its submarines within a 20-square-mile radius; it is never off duty and can never afford to fail, requiring the system to have a flawless maintenance management program.

The Navy needs to know where its submarines are at all times, and whether there’s an intruder sub in the area. Each radar system made by the Bigfoot user sits underwater and monitors the subs within a 20-square-mile radius; it is never off duty and can never afford to fail.

Staying Up to The Challenge

Likewise, maintenance of the 200 machines used to build these radar systems have mission-critical requirements of their own. These machines are highly specialized and don’t lend themselves to factory automation, like vehicle manufacturing. They need people to operate the machines, fit the components together, and test the systems.

While the company’s radar system is monitoring subs, the Navy is constantly monitoring this Bigfoot user to make sure the radar systems are built on time with accurately-calibrated equipment. If the Navy sees that one of these assets are not running properly, they lose confidence – and that’s a risk.

Take It to The Hole

So it’s no surprise that the maintenance team needed a CMMS that could bend to the needs of maintaining these production machines and devices, each with its own special PMs that are set up for time, calibration, and testing. The team took a strategic, big-picture approach to adopting CMMS and made the decision to not only invest in Bigfoot CMMS, but to configure it with the help of Smartware Group’s Strategic Consulting services.

The maintenance manager began by bringing all the players together with the Smartware Group consultant to make sure everyone understood what was needed to get started on the right foot. The Smartware Group consultant helped them figure out how they wanted to lay out the maintenance structure within Bigfoot.

The consultant was then given a drawing of the plant, a comprehensive equipment list, and the maintenance needs of each. He figured out what fields were needed for PMs and work orders. Then he instructed the team to import equipment data into the Bigfoot CMMS database, and made modifications based on feedback and suggestions. According to the user, it was a fluid process that continues today.


As a result of molding Bigfoot to the customer’s maintenance specifications, the company completes PMs at a rate of 100%. Overdue PMs have become a thing of the past. By working with the consultant, Bigfoot has also helped change the maintenance culture from being reactive to proactive to planning what they are going to do next in the CMMS.

If you’re struggling to improve maintenance and reliability, success depends on a maintenance tool and the advice of an expert to guide you through implementation. For this user, success came by way of adapting Bigfoot CMMS to its unique maintenance needs, with the support of a Smartware Group consultant.

After all, you can play basketball without a coach – but just don’t expect to make it to the majors.