The True Cost of CMMS Software

For any large establishment that requires an intuitive information system, a CMMS program is compulsory. It is the oil that makes the organization run in a fluid way. CMMS systems are usually programmed differently to suit the end-user – so whether it’s a hospital or a vehicle exporting company, the expectations are usually the same. The CMMS tools help workers do their jobs better and more efficiently. The maintenance decisions made are also better guided, since the software accounts for machine health by analyzing the needs for cleaning, fuel, servicing and so on.

One thing most customers desire to know is the true cost of CMMS software. Judging from the amount of work it handles and the expectations placed on it, one can assume that it is a huge investment. Well that is true, but there are so many other factors that determine the overall market worth of EAM software. First of all is the size. For a company with limited assets (machines, in this case) that require a simple CMMS program for about 5 users, the cost is not too great. It could be as cheap as $800 and appreciate depending on additional tools that are not a part of the basic package.

When we extend our horizons to incorporate sophistication and a lot of users, then the price goes up. Consider things such as software intuition and user friendliness (as in, ease of operation), the number of tools used – like for inventory and preventive maintenance, and the cost of web hosting. Such a system would be highly sophisticated and offer a wide range of analysis. And for that, you need a huge budget, running into tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes hundreds depending on the nature of package.

Another factor that contributes to the price is the origin of the program. If it’s off the shelf, the retail price might not be too inflated. However, if you contract a software company to develop it for you, with a list of customized features and options, then you would see the price figures increase exponentially. Before purchasing the program it’s wise to question your needs, and just how much use you would have for it. It’s not in any way a cheap investment, but it is effective at maintenance management.

Because of the amount of money you are going to surrender to obtain the CMMS system, ensure you go to a reliable company. A good provider should hold your hand every step of the way – ensuring that the installation of the software is complete, that the software is functional and compatible with your hardware, and that your staff is adequately trained on how to use it. CMMS Training can be at an additional charge, especially if it will take a couple of weeks. It could also be free, being offered as a complimentary part of the package. Either way it is an essential step that can’t be overlooked.

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Author: Ashley Combs
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