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Most readers of our blog are probably subscribed to ToolBox, our monthly newsletter focusing on CMMS software tips tricks, product news, and MicroMain company updates.

To better share this content, we decided to create an archived newsletter page. Now you can browse through past issues for previous tips tricks about our maintenance management software — as well as see some of the landmark company events from previous months.

Although we’ve been publishing ToolBox since the previous millennium, we felt the previous year’s worth of newsletters would provide the most relevant content (as opposed to articles describing how to ensure you maintenance facility is Y2K-ready.)

Here’s some highlights from the previous year’s worth of ToolBox newsletters.

May 2011

In our May 2011 Newsletter, we recap a podcast interview The National Federation of Independent Business conducted with MicroMain founder Pat Conroy:

Q: How do you cultivate and encourage innovation among your staff?

A: Once a month we have our First Tuesday Meeting. We go over what happened during the previous month. That’s also where I try to elicit information or suggestions from the whole staff about things they’re hearing from customers, how we can better improve our product, etc. I have found that group setting really lends itself to the brainstorming activity.

Q: What challenges have you faced in entering new markets?

A: It’s primarily not understanding the business model of our customers. With Facility Management, we have been in this business for 20 years. We know that very well. When I think about for example museums, I do not know how they operate so the biggest challenge is doing the research to understand what their needs are and how our new product, ImMediaTag might solve their problems.

Q: Which famous innovators do you admire?

A: There are hundreds or thousands of obvious choices and being in the computer business, I can think of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Steve Wozniak and people like that. But the people that I most admire are the ones that are able to create and sustain the millions of small businesses.

November 2011

We briefly cover MicroMain’s 2011 Users Conference in our November 2011 Newsletter. Registration is currently open for the 2012 event!

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2011 MicroMain Users Conference. We hope you enjoyed your time in Austin and learned more about how MicroMain software can help meet your maintenance and facility management needs.

To view photos of the training and fun, visit our Facebook page.

Next year, the Users Conference will take place October 16-17, 2012 in Austin, so mark your calendars now!

February 2012

In our February 2012 Newsletter, we revealed the latest version of our user-friendly Facility Management software.

A new version of Facility Management is now available!

The new update’s key feature is a brand new drawing import wizard, which takes you step-by-step through the process of importing CAD drawings, layer-by-layer, into your database. 

The new version of Facility Management also features new reporting capabilities for business units, including “space class types” and “square footage by business unit.”

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