Web Based CMMS

CMMS is short for Computerized Maintenance Management System. Web based CMMS software programs help public and private organizations manage their maintenance from any location, by logging onto the Internet. Most of them provide features such as work orders, tracking and controlling of inventory, maintenance histories, costs and schedules of maintenance by the hour.

A web based CMMS uses a web browser to access the program. A true web based CMMS system does not require any third party or download program. The program is designed to operate from a central server and the database itself, from another. The more powerful systems require specialized hardware and software to function.

A web based CMMS offers the end user many benefits. Low cost, easy to maintain client and server components, and a user-friendly web browser are the salient features of a web based CMMS. It also offers remote system access with open architecture and interfaces. A very important feature is the web browser itself. They include copy and paste features along with e-mail and help systems. Security and history settings are also available.

A wide array of industries have switched over to using web based CMMS programs. Companies have been able to find new ways to deliver applications across their networks in a more efficient and cost effective manner. Web based CMMS can streamline software delivery and offers a centralized data repository for accessing and analyzing real time data. The cost savings involved are enormous and hence justify the initial investment in the package.

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Author: Jennifer Bailey
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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