What Data should I save in my CMMS?

ScreenShot2So, you have implemented a CMMS system for your maintenance program – great! Now we want to help you learn what data you are able to extract, what information you are able to pull from that system, and why it is important. We want to change how you think about metrics and how you get your business to think about metrics.

One of the most common uses of a CMMS system is to gather data you can use to make important business decisions. Without data, decisions are reached by discussions and debates that are often won by seniority. It is clear that a CMMS system can help you organize work, manage large volumes of work orders, call-ins, breakdowns, and overall tracking.

This whitepaper on Performance Metrics That Matter, written by eMaint Director of Engineering Services Gil Acosta, will explore why you need metrics, how you get started, and how to gather data from your CMMS.