Why is Preventive Maintenance So Important?

Why is Preventive Maintenance So Important?

Is it Preventative or Preventive Maintenance? No matter how you say it either one it is essential to a Facility Manager and all the assets associated with the facility. This action is for the sole purpose of maintaining equipment and facilities in an optimal condition by using inspection, detection and corrective maintenance before any issues arise from normal wear and tear. The maintaining of the equipment provides an extended life to the equipment as well as preserves the top dollar value of the facility.

Preventive Maintenance is a process that needs a strategy and a system in order to be effective. Through Preventative Maintenance one can increase the equipment reliability and the wellness of the facility overall.  The Facility Managers can utilize a CMMS which will allow for full team participation,  a generation of reminders and work orders, tracking of any maintenance costs coinciding with corrective costs and the capability to work efficiently and save  time and money.

The Modern Way to Preventive Maintenance

With Preventive Maintenance Facility Managers are able to continually track costs, monitor equipment warranty dates, proactive replacements, and schedule manufacturer upgrades in order to provide better performance.  Imagine eliminating archaic asset tracking methods and using a system that can hold, manage, track, and remind you of the upcoming preventive maintenance schedules. Instead of finding out the hard way when assets fail, you need systems in place to tell you when, where, why, and on what asset to perform the preventive scheduled maintenance tasks. You no longer have to rely on someone’s memory, a stack of post-it notes, paper files, or emails to remind you when to schedule preventive maintenance. Asset tracking software will tell you when preventive maintenance is overdue so that you can take action. You will be collecting invaluable data regarding past maintenance and future maintenance, which will impact your ability to plan and manage future events

For example using a NetFacilities CMMS in Schools (K-12 & Specialty Schools), Universities, and Colleges, Facility Managers can manage hundreds, if not thousands, of assets, requests, and tasks each day. The maintenance department responsible for so much work needs a better way to stay on task, connect with management, and get things done (efficiently) across multiple locations. Managing the many assets (air conditioners, boilers, HVAC systems, computers, etc.) at each location involves many mission-critical tasks in the form of preventive maintenance, impulsive work orders, and inspections.

Obviously nobody can predict the future, but with the ability to generate customized schedules and reports as well as Work Orders which can be grouped by location and user notification the Facility Manager can foresee an increase in productivity and equipment life.